FASS501 is an entry level course which will provide students with the knowledge of how different shotguns operate depending on their action type, as well as the different shotgun ammunition and their intended uses.

Cost: $50

FASS502 is a 2 hour beginner level course which will allow students to participate in and learn how to Trap & Skeet shoot.

Cost: $100

FASS503 is a 6 hour intermediate level course which will educate students on the type, and size of tactical shotgun which best meets their needs, as well as the appropriate ammunition. Shotgun deployment techniques from the low ready position as well as the slung position will be developed, in addition to target identification and acquisition.

Cost: $250

FASS504 is an 8 hour advanced level combat shotgun course which will further develop students deployment and tactical skills with a semi-automatic or pump action shotgun, while integrating the use of a semi-automatic pistol.

Cost: $350