FASS102 is a 6 hour intermediate level course providing current shooters and those previously taking a handgun safety course with the opportunity to start to develop the skills necessary to draw a handgun from a concealed carry holster as well as identify the real life situations which would warrant the use of a firearm. This course fulfills the MA LTC – 024 requirement to receive a Massachusetts License To Carry, as well as an Unrestricted License to Carry in the City of Lowell.


Basic Hangun Shooting & Fundamentals – FASS101

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September 26th, 2020show details + $125.00 (USD)  
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FASS101 is a 4 hour entry level course providing students with the knowledge of semi-automatic pistols and revolver components and mechanics, as well as how they function. Students will also be educated on how to properly store and transport handguns and ammunition in their residence and vehicle.

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September 26th, 2020show details + $75.00 (USD)  
October 17th, 2020show details + $75.00 (USD)  
October 25th, 2020show details + $75.00 (USD)  

FASS201 is an 8 hour intermediate level course which will provide current shooters with the ability to properly select a concealed carry firearm, caliber of ammunition, and holsters which best fit their lifestyle. Students will also develop the skills to draw a handgun from multiple carry positions, as well as defensive pistol techniques.

Cost: $175

FASS202 is an 8 hour advanced level Concealed Carry course which will develop students’ confidence in carrying and using their concealed carry handgun of choice during a violent confrontation. This will be accomplished through defensive pistol shooting fundamentals, identification of situations warranting lethal force, as well as force on force scenarios.

Cost: $225

FASS301 is an 8 hour intermediate level handgun course which helps to better develop a self-defense shooters ability to identify a deadly force situation as well as engage multiple targets, while utilizing the advantages of concealment and cover.

Cost: $150

FASS302 is a 6 hour advanced level handgun course which outlines and depicts the severity and extreme nature of a deadly force encounter. This course is designed for those individuals having the ability to take action to save their lives and/or the lives of others, at the ultimate expense of their threat.

FASS401 is a 4 hour beginner level course emphasizing the importance of being able to properly prevent a threat from gaining access to your handgun and using it against you.

Cost: $150

FASS100 is a 2 hour entry level course which will provide students with the basic techniques needed to practice safe gun handling and proper storage of firearms and ammunition. This course is strictly classroom based and will not incorporate and live fire range time.

Cost: $50

FASS402 is a 24 hour advanced level handgun course which covers the elements of concealed carry and home defense pistol techniques, as well as provides students with use of force scenarios. Students will use tactics which they have previously learned in FASS 202, 302, & 401 courses to win force on force scenarios. Video footage of scenarios will be replayed during debrief sessions to better develop students tactics in real time. This course will take place over 3 consecutive days and will include low light scenarios.

Cost: $750

FASSUTAH is a four hour beginner level course which satisfies the Utah CCW requirements set forth by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation in the State of Utah. Firearms safety, shooting techniques, Utah Law, reciprocity and recognition restrictions are also covered. Upon receiving a Utah CCW Permit students will be able to carry concealed in over 35 states.