Freedom Alley Shooting Sports has worked tirelessly with the shooter in mind to develop ranges which will accommodate all skill levels and types of shooters. Our ranges will all be equipped with state-of-the-art target systems, range dividers and ventilation systems. The technological advancements which will be used throughout the ranges will provide shooters with a comfortably temperature controlled environment and allow for more time on the trigger and less time setting up.

All ranges will be rated for 50 BMG, which will allow shooters to fire almost any caliber they want in our ranges, but also allow for fully automatic firearms.

Our 25-yard static ranges will consist of 20 lanes and will utilize a premium target retrieval system which will be operated by an easy to understand touch screen monitor at each range station. Targets will be fully controllable by each user and will have the ability to both spin and tilt.

Our 100-yard range will consist of 6 lanes and will provide shooters with the ability to shoot from standing, kneeling, sitting, and prone positions at distance up to 100 yards. The wireless target system which will be used will allow for quick target sending and retrieval which will allow all shooters to get more rounds on target efficiently.

The 360 degree shoot house will be located in 3,000 sq/ft space in the building. This 3,000 sq/ft room will have fully ballistic 14-foot-high walls, and ceiling, as well as a fully ballistic sliding door allowing for access by vehicles. This space has been designed to accommodate more advanced force on force and CQB training.

These are not your grandfather’s ranges, but he’ll be sure to like them too!