Total Defense Handgun – FASS402



Concealed Carry Handgun II – FASS202
Defensive Handgun II – FASS302
Handgun Retention & Defense – FASS401


Target Group:

Advanced handgun owners and concealed carrier with the goal of being prepared for any and all lethal and non lethal force situations.

Course Description:

FASS402 is a 24 hour advanced level handgun course which covers the elements of concealed carry and home defense pistol techniques, as well as provides students with use of force scenarios. Students will use tactics which they have previously learned in FASS 202, 302, & 401 courses to win force on force scenarios. Video footage of scenarios will be replayed during debrief sessions to better develop students tactics in real time. This course will take place over 3 consecutive days and will include low light scenarios.

Curriculum Outline:

  • Firearms safety
  • Concealed Carry Review
  • Defensive Pistol Review
  • Equipment Inspection
  • Malfunction Drills
  • Shoot – Don’t Shoot Drills
  • Force on Force Simmunitions scenarios

Required Equipment:

  • Self Defense Pistol or Revolver chambered in .380, 9mm, 40 S&W, .357 Sig, 45 ACP, .38 SPL, or .357 Magnum
  • 3 Magazines or 3 speedloaders
  • Belt mounted IWB or OWB holster
  • Casual civilian clothing consistent to your everyday attire
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Sneakers or boots capable of use in athletic training

**Tuition includes free loan of firearm, holster, and safety gear.**


  • Estimated rounds needed: 500
    • 400 FMJ
    • 100 Simmunitions

**Ammunition available for purchase on site**

Cost: $750

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  • May 18
    April 3, 2017
    4:00 am - 1:00 pm


404 Middlesex Rd, Suite 7, Tyngsborough, Massachusetts, 01879, United States