Daniel J. Whitman

Daniel J. Whitman is a Federally and State Certified Firearms Instructor, Gunsmith, and Retailer of firearms and ammunition.  He has Masters of Arts Degrees in Criminal Justice, Forensic Criminology, and Criminal Justice Management and Policy Development, as well as more than 15 years’ experience in Law Enforcement and Executive Protection.  Mr. Whitman’s education and firearms background have helped him develop some of the most effective firearms training in the area.

As President of Freedom Alley Shooting Sports, Mr. Whitman, identifies with the training and consumer needs of each and every one of his customers.  It is not his knowledge of the firearms industry or his development of reality based firearms training courses which help to set apart the customer experience at Freedom Alley Shooting Sports, but his understanding of human individualities.  Not one firearm nor one self-defense discipline is universally applicable to all individuals, and because of this Freedom Alley Shooting Sports has been developed in a way which welcomes, educates, and molds everyone’s need to be safe and secure whether they are carrying a firearm, a knife, or their loved ones by their side.

His goals in the firearms industry have not been to accomplish what others have but to exceed to a level which others couldn’t strive to.  The creation of Freedom Alley Shooting Sports coincides with his attitude that anything worth doing is worth overdoing.  

Freedom Alley Shooting Sports is in the business of developing a more confident firearm and self-defense customer, and business is good.


Shaun Wagner, J.D.
Director of Use of Force Training

Shaun Wagner has more than 20 years of Law Enforcement and Personal Protection experience.  This Law Enforcement experience has allowed Shaun to gain the certification of Municipal Police Training Counsel Defensive Tactics, OC Spray, Taser, Baton, and Firearms Instructor.  He has been an instructor of these disciplines at the Massachusetts Police Academy level for more than 10 years, and has instructed more than 1000 active duty Police Officers.

Prior to Shaun’s entrance in to Law Enforcement he was a very accomplished Professional Mixed Martial Arts competitor.  Shaun holds black belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, and is also a Krav Maga Instructor and Edged Weapons Defense & Combat expert.  His vast knowledge of hand to hand and ground fighting has not only helped him throughout his Law Enforcement career but has aided his civilian students of all disciplines in developing the ability to defend themselves in any situation.

Shaun Wagner’s hand to hand combat and weapons knowledge coupled with his Massachusetts BBO Attorney certification makes him one the authorities in not only the physical aspects of the Use of Force but also the criminal and civil legalities of it.  Shaun directly oversees all civilian based Use of Force training at Freedom Alley Shooting Sports.


Paul Cooper
Director of Law Enforcement Training

Paul Cooper has over 32 years of Law Enforcement Experience.  His main discipline while in the Law Enforcement field was Special Weapons and Tactics, and Patrol Supervision.  He spent 20 years as a member of the NEMLEC SWAT team which he held the title of Team Commander and Sniper.

Paul is certified by the Municipal Police Training Committee as an instructor of Firearms Level II, Defensive Tactics, Active Shooter, Patrol Rifle, OC Spray, and Taser.  He is also certified under the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act as an active duty and retired firearms instructor.

Paul’s vast knowledge of Applied Patrol Procedures, and Firearms instruction has gained him the position of Director of Law Enforcement Training at Freedom Alley Shooting Sports.  He is the direct coordinator for all Law Enforcement training at our facilities which includes but is not limited to Full Time and Intermittent Academy Training, Applied Patrol Procedures and area department programing and range leasing.